Franny & Toby – Clever Cat Capers

It’s time for Franny & Toby & all their friends to come out to play!

Franny & Toby

{ a middle-grade book for all ages}

It’s a book such as Roald Dahl might have written — suitable for intelligent children, while also containing much to delight their parents.

Franny is one of the rarest of cats, for she is a cat who can read. She and her brother, Toby, are the new cats on the block. Their “bean” (aka human “owner”) doesn’t let them go outside at first.

When they finally get to go out, they make friends with other animals in the neighborhood: the cats next door (Highlanders Rainbow, Bay, and their TV-addicted brother Moo-Cow, who never comes outside); the cats across the street (Elbee and her three “kits,” Larry, Curly, and Moe, who are from the Southlands and arrived the year before as refugees from the Southie Wars); MacAdam the roadrunner; and Bunny the Free Range Rabbit.


Bunny the Free-Range-Rabbit

Inventive, magical and exciting, Franny & Toby is that rare story that gently teaches us that friendship and tolerance make our world a better place — and that a little education goes a long way when life becomes an adventure. Also, it has sky-swimmers. Sky-swimmers!

Beautifully crafted by a master storyteller, Tetman Callis, it’s exactly the sort of book every child should read — and one that kids of every age will love.

Illustrations by Perth-based artist Liselle Powell – Just Add White @ Facebook.

“Not since Watership Down has there been such a whimsical, original take on humanity in the form of beloved members of the animal kingdom. Franny & Toby is a gorgeously rendered tale of love.”

Suzy Vitello, author of The Empress Chronicles series.

Franny & Toby {The Mystery of the Kidnapped Cat} – eBook available from Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google Play &, Kobo.

Paperback from most retailers.

Happy reading!
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Hell Bent – YA romance

Hell Bent

 He’s charming. He’s rebellious. He’s as beautiful as he is damaged.

South Shore’s bad-boy surfer Beau Huntington has a solid plan to get through life: one night stands, getting wasted, and walls so high no one can ever get in – it’s all about numbing the pain.

And his plan’s working just fine – until he meets Corrie Johnson.

Corrie is smart, determined, and focused on an elite swimming scholarship. But she has a dark past of her own, and keeps her secrets closely guarded. She’s made promises to herself not to let history repeat – ever.
But is there more to Beau than he’s letting on? And is it time to let herself feel again?

It’s summer holidays and that’s when things begin to unravel.
Because falling in love was never part of the plan and, it’s time for Beau to learn that the fight of his life doesn’t involve his fists.

Hell Bent is a story that matters – about life, love, and death.
It’s a story of how life can spiral out of control for those left behind.
And it’s a story of hope…

available from Amazon, AppleNook (B&N), Scribd and GooglePlay.

Hell Bent is Karen Crompton’s debut novel. Check out her bio at Silky Oak Press.

New Release – Heart Land by DB Allen

Heart Land

She is home to Great Plains and even greater rivers, shining towns and people of soul. Her winters are ice-chest bitter, her summers alive with thunder and twisters. Deserts and dust-devils, cottonwoods and corn fields all sing the harmonies of gospel, the melodies of country and the rhythm of the blues, in this church of love and loss. Hers is a bright light slowly fading. She is America’s Heartland.
These are her stories.

Heart Land is DB Allen’s first full length novel — a novel of inter-connected stories spanning generations. The stories are set in Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota.

Head over to Amazon to take a “Look Inside”.
Heart Land is available as an eBook from Amazon.
The paperback will include pencil drawings by the author, and will be available late 2014.

D.B. Allen writes contemporary stories about human relationships in our complex modern world. DB is passionate about characters and spirit, as well as landscape and the way our environment helps define who we are.

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Aussie thriller … WHITE by Conrad Jaymes is heating up!

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5 out of 5 stars — Great Underbelly Read — July 3, 2014 — by Gary Buchan
WHITE: A Drug Wars Police Procedural (Kindle Edition)

I am reading this guy’s book now, just can’t put it down.
A first class read on the underbelly of triad life.
More books please mate!
Thanks Conrad
Gary NZ

5 out of 5 stars — good AUSSIE read — 21 June 2014 — by Graham Fitzsimon

Great read from start to finish…Sydney as it was…good old Aussie cops and robbers, drugs, sex and heroes.

Grab a copy from AMAZON, KOBO or Apple.

— Juliette
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Historical Fiction anyone? Or Forever Be Damned by CS Burrough

Immerse your senses in this richly-told trip down memory lane.

If Or Forever Be Damned were a fabric, it would be brocade — rich, detailed, textured, and often interwoven with threads of silver or gold.

Meet Mona — a poor Protestant teenaged factory girl, who is tormented by sibling rivalry over her favoured artistic younger brother, Ambrose. Untrained and against parental orders, stagestruck Mona resolves to outshine Ambrose, furtively pursuing a theatrical career. Into her journey, Mona unearths her younger bête noire, Kat — a Catholic rough-diamond, a child-veteran entertainer who, conversely, yearns to escape theatre life.

So begins their lifelong enmity.

Or Forever Be Damned is an historical saga spanning eight decades, following the lives and families of two very different women who escape the slums of northern England’s ‘Cottonopolis’, Salford in the 1930′s Slump — a simmering irrational enmity that lives on in modern day Australia.

C.S. Burrough will take you on a compelling parallel journey with endearingly flawed characters, giving the reader a privileged, fly-on-the-wall position, unpressured into taking sides — a visceral glimpse into history.

Or Forever Be Damned will be available eBook format soon and in Paperback later in 2014. Would you like an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of CS’s book? Email us via our Free Review Copies page and we’ll send you an electronic copy, when  they’re available. — Juliette

Up for a YA ARC? Hell Bent by Karen Crompton

Hell Bent

hell-bent – adj. Stubbornly and recklessly determined; cannot be dissuaded by logic or reason.

Meet Beau Huntington …

He’s charming. He’s rebellious. He’s as beautiful as he is damaged.

South Shore’s bad boy surfer Beau Huntington has a solid plan to get through life: one night stands, getting wasted, and building walls so high no one can ever get in — it’s all about numbing the pain.

And his plan’s working fine — until he meets Corrie Johnson. That’s when things begin to unravel. Because falling in love was never part of the plan. Angry, bitter and confused, Beau’s violent temper lands him in trouble more often than not — but he’s about to learn that the fight of his life doesn’t involve his fists.

Karen Crompton’s accomplished debut YA novel, Hell Bent is a story about love, pain and loss — how life can spiral out of control for those left behind. And it’s also a story of hope…

If you would like an Advance Review Copy (ARC), email us via our website Free Review Copies. When they are available, we will send you one!

Check out Karen Crompton’s author page to learn more about her and her motivation for writing Hell Bent.

— Juliette
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Cheeky MIDLIFE by Harry Pants – reviews on the rise!

Wink Wink

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by Wastntime (Tennessee)
I read lots of books.
I mean at least 5 a week and this is one of the very few times I am leaving a review. It was a hilarious read. I giggled, I guffawed, I laughed out loud. I didn’t want to put this book down and got pissed when I had to. Get this book. You’ll be happy you did.

3 out of 5 stars on Amazon by tootle petal.
What a blast
This was one of most easy – to – read books I have come across in years. It pokes gentle fun at the sex-crazed society we live in, and engenders affection for the hero, who is endearingly befuddled by it all, but comes out trumps in the end. Cleverly written.

5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads by Arlena Dean.
“Midlife” by Harry Pants was definitely one of those reads that will put a smile on your face.
Now I will say first and foremost this read is not for the ‘faint of heart disposition,’ however, if you are in for some laughing non stop you will love reading this fast paced tale … There will be many characters that will be quite different that you will have no problem remembering them all because many of these folks you probably even know some of them. Be prepare for some strong language but it fits the particular situation. I found Wally’s “MidLife” quite entertaining with a very engaging plot to this story. After all that is said and done “MidLife” does present a ‘thought provoking’ read with its humor and even some romance.

If you are in for a ‘naughty story’ with some believable quirky characters that will have you laughing so hard, then you must pick up “MidLife” to see what it’s all about. The author really worked his magic with this read that left me saying: Really Mr. Pants! I never laughed so hard in all my life.

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by Alarna Rose Gray.
So much more than a crazy, stupid love story!
Midlife is a swift trip through the divorce induced midlife crisis of the tragically endearing Wallace. The story is LOL funny in an Aussie, oh-so-wrong, politically incorrect way.
If you can (ahem) swallow that, then beneath all the sex, humour and bravado you will find a vulnerable, honest, touching tale of what it means to be human in a world designed for cyborgs.
Approach it with an open mind, and what you get is a story about change that will, in fact, change you.

… that’s Midlife by Harry Pants!

— Juliette

The Rainbow Blindness – great first review!


5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by Cagey

All the colours and black as well
I was looking forward to the next offering by this author, and The Rainbow Blindness does not disappoint. In my opinion, this is even better than Aiden’s Alibi – and I enjoyed that book very much. This story of a teenager, struggling to understand who he really is, is both beautiful and upsetting. Set amidst the wide vistas and small minds of a Australian country town, the prose is striking, and the characters feel very real. Very real…
Anyone who has felt the confusion, excitement and angst of adolescence will relate to this book. And while I won’t spoil the ending for other readers, it left me wondering if a sequel might be in the wings. I for one, certainly hope so.The Rainbow Blindness by DB Allen.

The Rainbow Blindness by D.B. Allen is Out!

how do you describe the beauty of a rainbow, when you’re the only person who can see it?

D.B. Allen’s second novella is out!

What do you do when you discover you’re not the person everyone thought you should be?
Your parents. Your friends. Your town.
How can you be yourself, when you don’t understand who you are? And how do you describe the beauty of a rainbow, when you’re the only person who can see it?

The Rainbow Blindness is a story about self-discovery, love and loathing, set against a background of great beauty and looming darkness.

Drew’d seen this new guy around. Kieran was his name. Melbourne guy. A fellow loner. Spent lunchtimes in the library or down in Ms Gibberson’s art studio. Word soon spread. Rumours became fact. Marcus Carty and his mates had already thumped Kieran up a week or so ago. He was new. He was quiet and shy. He was arty. They decided he was probably a pillow-biter. So they beat him up.
Drew knew what it felt like to be on the end of those fists. What it was like to be an outsider. You could pretend you didn’t care, but there were always times when you did. When it hurt. When you wondered why the hell you weren’t like the rest of them. He felt Kieran’s hip brush against his, as the taller boy sat, and each time Dunzie wound the bus into another bend in the road. Subtle contact. Warmth. Something like a promise. Kieran was a handsome young guy. Strong, in his way. The kind of man Drew would see in his dreams. He felt nervous.

The Rainbow Blindness is the second novella in the Modern Relationship series. It is approx. 17,000 words and available as an eBook from Amazon.

DB’s first novella, Aiden’s Alibi is also available at Amazon.

From all of us at Silky Oak Press, congratulations to DB — for writing a story that

” … merges the harshness, subtlety and beauty of both the human & natural world.”

— Juliette

The Indie Awards 2014 Shortlist

This list inspires me to watch less TV and read more.


Australian Independent Booksellers are pleased to announce The Shortlist for The Indie Awards 2014

Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas (Allen & Unwin)
Coal Creek by Alex Miller (Allen & Unwin)
Eyrie by Tim Winton (Penguin)
The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan (Random House)

Girt by David Hunt (Black Inc)
Murder in Mississippi by John Safran (Penguin)
The Stalking of Julia Gillard by Kerry-Anne Walsh (Allen & Unwin)
The Good Life by Hugh Mackay (Macmillan)

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent (Macmillan)
Mr Wigg by Inga Simpson (Hachette Hodder)
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (Text)
The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane (Penguin)

Alphabetical Sydney by Hilary Bell, Antonia Pesenti (NewSouth Books)
Kissed by the Moon by Alison Lester (Penguin)
The 39-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Macmillan)
Weirdo by Anh Do (Scholastic)

For more information, visit Indie Book Awards.

Happy reading