Historical Fiction anyone? Or Forever Be Damned by CS Burrough

Immerse your senses in this richly-told trip down memory lane.

If Or Forever Be Damned were a fabric, it would be brocade — rich, detailed, textured, and often interwoven with threads of silver or gold.

Meet Mona — a poor Protestant teenaged factory girl, who is tormented by sibling rivalry over her favoured artistic younger brother, Ambrose. Untrained and against parental orders, stagestruck Mona resolves to outshine Ambrose, furtively pursuing a theatrical career. Into her journey, Mona unearths her younger bête noire, Kat — a Catholic rough-diamond, a child-veteran entertainer who, conversely, yearns to escape theatre life.

So begins their lifelong enmity.

Or Forever Be Damned is an historical saga spanning eight decades, following the lives and families of two very different women who escape the slums of northern England’s ‘Cottonopolis’, Salford in the 1930′s Slump — a simmering irrational enmity that lives on in modern day Australia.

C.S. Burrough will take you on a compelling parallel journey with endearingly flawed characters, giving the reader a privileged, fly-on-the-wall position, unpressured into taking sides — a visceral glimpse into history.

Or Forever Be Damned will be available eBook format soon and in Paperback later in 2014. Would you like an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of CS’s book? Email us via our Free Review Copies page and we’ll send you an electronic copy, when  they’re available. — Juliette