Midlife by Harry Pants

a rollicking romantic comedy

a rollicking romantic comedy

If you enjoyed Crazy Stupid Love and The 40 Year Old Virgin, do we have a book for you!

For fans of the great Tom Sharpe, comes a rich, ribald farce that’ll make you laugh till something explodes.
With chapter names like Don’t Talk to the Underpants, Well it Felt Like a Tail, Would You Like Your Hedge Trimmed?, and Purple-Headed Junket-Pumper, you know you’re in good hands. Well … bits of you, anyway.
So join Wally and Masey Head, Bruce the Crumpet-Crazed Gardener, the Lovely Tess, the Tiny Police Force, and the Beautiful Fat Twins for a rollicking risque romp with rope and romance.

Available as Kindle eBook & Paperback at Amazon, or as an eBook from Kobo and Apple.


Aiden’s Alibi by D.B. Allen

a novella about love, lust and loss

a novella about love, lust and loss

This brilliant contemporary story of love, lust and loss is the first in D.B. Allen’s Modern Relationships Series.

“The next week floated by, like dreams sometimes did. I would catch a glimpse of her somewhere in the office. A taste. The essence of Fran. I’d watch her like an artist would, or at least how the artist in me did. I’d notice her hair, or the way her backside moved when she walked. Details of someone special. She’d become the most famous person in my world. My personal celebrity. And I kept thinking about her. Feeling happy. Feeling tempted. Feeling less and less guilty.
And then she invited me over to her place – for a Saturday night of dinner and drawing.”

A novella of approximately 54 pages.

Available as an eBook from Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

White by Conrad Jaymes

acquaint yourself with The Giant

acquaint yourself with The Giant

White is the colour of innocence, purity and virtue — so easily stained and defiled.
White is the colour of a commodity — gram for gram more precious than gold.
And White, for many, is the colour of death — inevitable when powerful worlds collide.

At the start of the new millennium the world’s media coined a phrase — The Heroin Drought. And while the impact on drug supply was widely reported, the story of what led to this scarcity has never been told — until WHITE.
In this exciting new thriller, the first in the Colours of Crime series, Conrad Jaymes take us into the darkest corners of the drug war and introduces us to some of her combatants.
Peter Balino — a tough, complex man, haunted by his past, unsure of his future.
The Say Tong — the most powerful criminal organisation in East Asia, run by men of knife-edge ambition and cruelty. Men known as Snake Eyes, The Vampire and The Giant.

This is a story for fans of true crime.
A story born in the headlines.
A story so real it may just be true.

Available as Kindle eBook & Paperback at Amazon and as an eBook at Kobo and Apple.

The Ballad of Sergeant Collins by Conrad Jaymes

a cop trilogy

a cop trilogy

From the author of the new thriller WHITE, three linked stories about maverick cop Sergeant Collins.

He’s old school. Bender of rules. Breaker of bones.

They don’t make cops like Collins any more. And maybe that’s a good thing.

You be the judge.

Available as an ebook from Amazon, Apple and Kobo.