Franny & Toby – Clever Cat Capers

It’s time for Franny & Toby & all their friends to come out to play!

Franny & Toby

{ a middle-grade book for all ages}

It’s a book such as Roald Dahl might have written — suitable for intelligent children, while also containing much to delight their parents.

Franny is one of the rarest of cats, for she is a cat who can read. She and her brother, Toby, are the new cats on the block. Their “bean” (aka human “owner”) doesn’t let them go outside at first.

When they finally get to go out, they make friends with other animals in the neighborhood: the cats next door (Highlanders Rainbow, Bay, and their TV-addicted brother Moo-Cow, who never comes outside); the cats across the street (Elbee and her three “kits,” Larry, Curly, and Moe, who are from the Southlands and arrived the year before as refugees from the Southie Wars); MacAdam the roadrunner; and Bunny the Free Range Rabbit.


Bunny the Free-Range-Rabbit

Inventive, magical and exciting, Franny & Toby is that rare story that gently teaches us that friendship and tolerance make our world a better place — and that a little education goes a long way when life becomes an adventure. Also, it has sky-swimmers. Sky-swimmers!

Beautifully crafted by a master storyteller, Tetman Callis, it’s exactly the sort of book every child should read — and one that kids of every age will love.

Illustrations by Perth-based artist Liselle Powell – Just Add White @ Facebook.

“Not since Watership Down has there been such a whimsical, original take on humanity in the form of beloved members of the animal kingdom. Franny & Toby is a gorgeously rendered tale of love.”

Suzy Vitello, author of The Empress Chronicles series.

Franny & Toby {The Mystery of the Kidnapped Cat} – eBook available from Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google Play &, Kobo.

Paperback from most retailers.

Happy reading!
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